Rom Anuman

Magical Amulet


Bass player attracted by the stringed instruments of the great family of zithers, I was trained in Varanasi in India to play the Indian sitar. For years, alone or accompanied, I have been experimenting with Intuitive Music with singing bowls, sansula, kalimba, chimes, flutes,… to induce states of deep relaxation.

Everything is vibration. You, me, our environment, the objects, ...

Everything vibrates at a certain frequency, and for me music is a key that allows me to decode it and give it meaning. Most of the instruments I use have been discovered during trips (Hungarian zither, svaraveena, sitar, harmonic flute, bowls, ...), in countries where other languages ​​are spoken, with other references cultural. However, one language is common to all of us: music. No need to talk, just play; the atmosphere is relaxed, we understand each other, we vibrate on the same frequency. This is the power of music.
Although originally I did not claim to carry out shamanic or healing work, some feedback, always positive, which was entrusted to me seems to give way to a form of Healing, which the person operates on his own through the contemplation of the Sounds and the Self, the quality of the instruments used, and the pure intention of Love and Benevolence.
I now fully assume this part of me, being at the service of the Whole and sharing this Gift of the Universe that I have been given to share with the World.

In addition, I compose musical pieces fusing electronic and instrumental music, giving rise to collaborations with different forms of Art. Video mapping, performances mixing dance and music, sound design for different media, etc.

Music has always been part of my life. Trained in classical guitar as a child, I moved towards bass as a teenager. It will be my favorite instrument for ten years. The travel and the discovery of different cultures and practices made me want to explore other facets of Myself. It is during a trip to the Middle East, after a Master in Fine Arts in graphic design, that I reconnect with this sleeping part of my Being, which will be the starting point of a series of events and of synchronicities leading me to awaken and reconnect to the subtle. My first trip to India will be a revelation accompanied by an intense unblocking of my upper chakras. The second, a confirmation and an encounter with the magic of the sitar, which I had the feeling of having already known and practiced. It was during a shamanic ceremony with the sacred ayahuasca plant that the connection with this divine instrument was at its peak, I then became a channel, the sounds came out and my hands wandered without my really being aware of it. I like to travel the world in the footsteps of ancient and forgotten knowledge, inexorably resurfacing. I continue to explore the facets of my divine being using different practices, learning in all humility, with my perfect human imperfection, in Love, Benevolence, Consciousness.

I currently live in a forest in the north (Belgium), where I build my habitat in connection with Nature and its elements. I honor the beings who live there and our nourishing Mother Earth, learning more and more autonomy and the recognition of master plants.

I am also the co-creator of the non-profit association "HumanYterra", dedicated to awakening in all its forms, offering experiences around the earth and the human, and whose 3 pillars are: Nature, Music and Sound, Self-Knowledge. Through the contemplation of the cycles, the understanding of the needs of each living being, present and to come, we try to nourish the earth of the different places where we pass, and to nourish ourselves through it, in a strictly physical sense, but also in the symbolic meaning, to nourish the human being in us.