Karine Maka

Intuitive Painter


"My history with animals begins in my early childhood, around 2 years old: SANDY, a beautiful German Shepherd dog, my friend, my confidante, shared my life for 15 years. Then I started to have visitors every night: On my window sill, a barn owl banged its beak against my window. She would wake me up, look at me, and when I saw her white mask behind my window, I was very scared! At the time, I had no idea that she could come and deliver a message to me: to see beyond appearances, to penetrate the mysteries of the world, to develop my intuition and to trust me.

It wasn't until 40 years later that I realized this and reconnected with this one. Then the horses, walking companions, helped me through my teenage years. And finally cats, for 15 years, have become real masters and teachers. It was with ZENA, who fell ill, that I discovered animal communication. It made me understand that she wanted to move into the other world by staying at home, in her reassuring and caring environment, and not at the vet where she was extremely stressed. So, I respected his request .... and ZENA waited until I came home to give me her last breath of life and join the other world. She taught me to play again, to be in the present moment, to wake up my inner child. Animals are my friends, I love them and I respect them a lot for their teachings.
So I discovered the animals TOTEM, which have so much to tell and bring to us: Their knowledge of nature, the vibrations they feel, their intuitions. Arnaud Riou "animal card" tarot help me to receive their messages are invaluable to me to support my choices and my orientations. And that’s how painting happened. I invite you to honor your animal animal or life companion, through an inspired painting and capture the intensity of his gaze. Enter his world and understand what he has to convey to you. Discover another way to communicate with him. It is here, in our shop of the website that you will find the art-works that i made, I present below an example of a painting made for a client and here is his sweet and pretty Jamaica mare.If the adventure tempts you, and you feel the connection please
contact me on my e-mail box: kzerbib39@gmail.com

Thank you for your reading and for your interest, Much love and peace to all animals and all beings on Earth