Healer - Plant medicine facilitator


I was born in Holland and grew up as a child in an unsafe environment until my
parents got divorced when I was 10 years old. From when I was very young I
was interested in spirituality. Visited and joined a lot of gatherings with
mediums and always wandering what there is after live. Channeling with and
felt guiding by higher consciousness. Not in a straight pad. There were times to
release my inner wounds and deepen myself, and times to manifest. But always
coming back on the spiritual path. I was educated in a commercial, economic
way. Worked in a factory and became a manager but decided after 8 years to
change my life because it didn’t fulfill my life. I re-educated myself as a social
worker and also as an healer and therapist with skills as NLP and Voice
dialogue. Also I following a lot of courses about shamanism. Then get into
business again with my partner who had a pastry shop in the center of
Amsterdam. Worked really hard and created together a bigger company which
provided us to buy a peace of land in Portugal.
Ayahuasca has been one of the gamechangers in my life. It’s showed me my
soul family, how you create your own life and confront me with my ego.
Listening to Eckhart Tolle helped me a lot to become present and get out of the
mind or ego to really experience my soul or higher self. I’ll do listening to him
and other guru’s. Always surprised this knowledge was already there ages ago.
After building a house in Portugal on a beautiful spot in nature in 2012. It’s
located in the south-west of the Algarve. Me and my partner Claudia decided to
move to Portugal permanent and fulfilling our dream in 2019. Giving retreats
and provide a space for other people to do the same.
If you can get past the mind or the ego life will be uncomplicated. You just are
and don’t have to worry. Ayahuasca can help you with this. It mostly shut down
the ego and you can experience and explore who you really are. That’s what I
want to provide for people, it can maybe just a glimpse but at least you know
who you really are. From there you can start your process much more easy.
Instead of going first through all your processes to finally realize who you are: A
soul who already lived many lives.