Fleur de Cath

Certified Advisor in Bach Flowers



a love story Bach's Flowers are for me true travel companions, efficient and on whom I can count on to access my own resources. My first experiences were intuitive, but with powerful effects. They are THE answer to my states so contrasting and limiting in the end. It quickly becomes a passion, a revelation. So I become a certified councillor. Bach after certification training. These flowers allowed me to discover myself, layer after layer. And slowly, I discovers everything that could not be revealed due to lack of available resources: my
fears, my doubts, my hidden guilt, my addictions or addictions... Flowers do their job and let my little cells free themselves from the old patterns Emotional. They're going to get me deep inside me so that I can to mobilize my resources, to have access to the force that is in me. They gave me determination, faith, understanding and joy, appeasement, peace of mind. So I say a big thank you to them, and a big thank you to this doctor Bach. Step by step, thanks to the flowers, I reconnect with my personality, I assert myself and find my color.
"Be the captain of your own ship" Doctor Bach 1930.


another love storyI discovered massage through yoga about 15 years ago and it was a no-brainer. The massage allows me to transmit a lot... energy, joy, sweetness and love. I like to feel the tensions and melt them under my Hands. To be massaged is to offer a moment of well-being and a reconnection with Yourself. When I massage I am in meditation, I feel this flow of love that Crosses. I like to prepare the place, the candles, the smells, the oils, some stones. Then comes the time of exchange between us and the creation of a sacred moment where I lets guide and where you surrender. I love this skin-to-skin touch that soothes, dissolves, reunited, harmonizes, restarts.

Come and tell me about you, I will listen to you, I will guide you in the expression of this
that lives in you. Then let yourself be accompanied in the management of your emotions by these beautiful flower essences thanks to the creation of a personalized bottle that will follow you for 21 days. There is no contraindication or risk of allergies or Overdose. They can accompany pregnant women, babies,people on treatment and even animals. Bach Flower Training (one day, one weekend) I love to pass on the benefits of flowers. These trainings are a space for sharing and openness where everyone learns even more through the group. Different anime training: over one day to acquire the basic knowledge of the 38 species or
2 days for therapists who wish to use these essences to enrich or complement their practices. The aim is to make you discover the properties of these floral elixirs in order to acquire the first basics and use them for you and your surroundings or for your pets company. Bach Flowers represent natural floral remedies that harmonize the states and relieve stress or anxiety in times of stress or anxiety.
They help us find our own resources


Come breathe, relax, reconnect with yourself with massages
personalized and intuitive that will revitalize your cells, reset your tensions and transport you to a Incredible
journey in weightlessness. You'll find depth and vitality with a touch very deep and but also a lot of sweetness and love thanks to a touch a lot softer and slower.
Duration: between 45 minutes and 1:15 depending on the request