Tattoo Artist


It has now been over a year since I first came into contact with a tattoo machine.
And even today I still sometimes can't believe how one thing got to another.

Two years ago, the idea of ​​tattooing was still miles away. I wouldn't have dared to do it even remotely, even if I've always liked to draw. But my confidence left a lot to be desired.

However, when I flew back from Vietnam to Belgium in the summer of 2019 to visit friends and family and to save a little bit of money on the side, I firmly decided that when I start my next trip to India, I will not come back to Belgium until I have not sniffed at least once in a tattoo studio to get the basics (theory ...) that will be taught by a professional tattoo artist.

No sooner said than done, from India to Sri-Lanka, I looked for a studio and found it. I was only in this studio for a month, looked at everything carefully and absorbed everything in order to understand the art of tattooing a little better. Then I realized how much I want to learn. When I flew from Sri-Lanka to Thailand a month later, the very first thing I did was get all the equipment to practice on fake skin to get a feel for it. When I arrived at the hostel, I got to work straight away and practiced diligently on my fake skin and I loved it. But it didn't take long (2 days to be exact :)) until the first traveler agreed to get my first tattoo. Oh my god I was so nervous. But after an hour, bathed in sweat and totally happy, I can say that from that day on, no matter where I was, I was able to delight other backpackers with a tattoo and gain more experience. Apart from that, it was just such a blessing for me to get to know even more great individual people. Half a year had passed and my dear people at home got wind of it and so I had a really nice start in Belgium when I came back after almost a year. I would say from then on I was busy making more people happy with a little bit of color every day. And suddenly I realized that for the first time in my life I had found something that really fulfills me and that to this day! And yet of course I am learning more and more and I am still on my way to get better and better. But as the saying goes: the journey is the goal!
So my conclusion, stay tuned, trust and don't give up! Sometimes it takes a little time, but you will still get where you want it if you really want something and believe in it, whatever it is!