Coach horsepower - Yoga teacher


Without a lot of force my mom gave birth to me in a 4th generation confectioners &entrepreneurs
family on 27 September 1972 under the sign of LIBRA, for me the word can mean LIBERA which is
Italian for FREE.

My Brother and sister are 7 and 8 years older, I was a happy surprise for my parents and so my life
begun. Being enormously loved by the whole family some others may called me spoiled as I could
normally do all as I wished for. Always playing outdoors in the gardens and totally in love with dogs
and horses, learning riding from age eight. Summer holidays we spent in the countryside in the south
of France, 2th chakra is our middle name, enjoy life to the max don’t think about the bad stuff.
At school my grades were low or in the middle, lack of concentration and not able to count. As my
brother and sister went to university, I just managed to pass the exams until 17 years old. At that
time I was fed up with my family and friends fitting in an ordinary life of which I was sure I was not
meant to be in. My mom (young spirit) at 79 still a child, she inspired me to enjoy life and to crazy
things, my dad learned me to be responsible and in that way I could start to travel around Europe.
This was my (5 years of free learning) high school.
At age 22 I thought that I should fit in society and convinced myself to choose a boyfriend, stick with
him plus making a career. The boyfriend was Italian (at least slightly different) and both of us took
over the family confectionery business in the core beautiful center of the world capital of the
Netherlands ; Amsterdam. That was my university. I can write a book about this (the confectionery
and the Italian boyfriend) maybe I will. From 4 employees I brought it up to 8, 10, 12, 15 and 20.At a
certain point I got burnouts and decided that I wanted to get married in Italy, did that and got
divorced within the same year. I guess I was used to chaos.
In the same year I met Jim and he lifted me high in the sky, feeling so loved like a baby, woman &
friend (wow ) until this very moment we are together now for 17 years. After 2 years we have met he
started to help me out with the finances and because of his help I started to save some money for
the first time in my life. Jim was the first spiritual person I met and a new world opened up. OMG I
started to feel more home and more confused in the same time. Up until now I started learning from
Jim and also learned horse therapy, yoga & the philosophy of Louise Hay.
By manifesting we were able to buy our property in Portugal, pass on the family business to my
brother and there I am after 24 years in between 24 square meters off sweetness, into the here and
now the very nature of Portugal’s west coast.

Living the sweet dreamlife where I was always looking
for. Learning every day, living without masks, passing on all what I have learned, enjoyed and disliked
to the ones who are keen to learn.