Brett - Indigo Jedi

Breathwork Instructor


My Journey

Brett is my name given to me in this Human Form,

It has been a very interesting and adventurous path and journey to be where I am now ,Born and
raised in Australia ,I have moved up and down the east coast of Australia , trying out Van Life , Hostel
Life. Flown and sailed over the oceans to find my way and explore this beautiful earth we all exist on
together. IV travelled a lot alone and met humans that have showed me more than I can hope to put
into human worlds.
I have found a passion and purpose to share my knowledge of the breath and all things related.
In the life experience I have been gifted with several unique skills and talents . One of which is
reading or hearing knowledge and being able to repeat it perfectly and pass the knowledge on to
others that are there to listen.
On my path I have been lucky enough to sit and meet with all form of people, The richest of the rich
worth billions , the poorest of the poor , I have Trained with the best Free divers in the world, Sat
with Doctors ,Scientist , meditation masters, professional Photographers, environmentalist , solders
,Light workers and luck enough to sit with indigenous elders from different lands absorbing all they
had to share so as in time I could pass this amazing knowledge onto the world.

I don’t have singular turning Point or experience where I started my journey of sharing knowledge
,consciousness and Love but I have been guided to where I am through the beauty of our oceans and
the great element of water , Through my Photography of this beautiful world ,the gift of site,
Through the Medicine of the plants the gift of earth, oh mother Gaia I hear you ,( through deep
,dangerous and sometimes life threatening experiences, through Freediving, Unexplainable animal
experiences ,though bush trekking ,rock climbing, ,motocross riding , mountain exploring and
spearfishing ) I have travelled this world and been to all sorts of wonderful, Beautiful , exotic, eye
opening and also Dangerous lands ,I have fallen in and out of Love ,been hurt , Met the most
amazing people, Met soul mates , galactic family , met MY twin Flame , been in abundance and then
the total opposite I Lost friends and family but all of it leading me to the point that has helped me to
see clearly and to hold vision to share my Knowledge.

BREATHE . JUST BREATHE . we can achieve anything if we but learn to breathe back as one, We are
the master of Breath we just need to Remember. Through breath ,activation of our Energies centres
, Our Bundas and the holding of the breath we can dive deeper than we ever thought into Mind
expansions, our Heart space, dive deep into trauma Healing ,ancestral collective healing. We can
bring in a new Dreaming . I believe through true understanding of our breath we can start to learn
about our body , we can start to understand it and there in start to understand our external world.
And once we can begin to understand our world as one , We can look to save her from what we have
done as a collective species Merely form forgetting who we are and our most basic function.

So join me and learn the power that resides inside. Remember the knowledge ,remember your body
, remember who you are and what we have always been. We have the power to change everything
in our world if we but Learn to Breath again

MY Activity and what I offer:

I will be offering breathwork in all forms and Deep Meditation Techniques through understanding
the most powerful and forgot muscle we have (The Mighty Diaphragm).I will Offer insights into the
mind, Meditation ,ancient societies and cultures,(MERKABA), physical exercises ,Truman healing ,
Lucid Dreaming , Pain management, Sexual pleasure , energy consumption , diet ,health and fitness
and the Plant medicine world, The list is extensive and there is so much more that our breath links us
to . We are the creators we are GOD and GODDESS in human 3 dimensional form and we have but
forgotten this. Through our breath we can discover our History, Our future and the Power we all
hold to change worlds. Prana is Life and we only but need to Breathe it in and love.
My Workshops will be Specializing in Breath holds and mental techniques, Lung stretching
,Diaphragm movements and exercises that can be used in every moment of life to expand our mind
our heart and increase our physical human abilities more than we could possibly hope to think, in
our common society Breath holding or apnea is Originally thought just for freediving but it is so
much more than that. I will dive into many other subjects as Everything comes back to the Breath.
IT is all, the breath is Life ,our connection to each other, to the animals to the plants, to the magical
mycelium network plants ,to our mother Gaia ,to our Sun the father the giver of all life on this earth
and our ultimate Connection to source energy our source of love and existence.
WE are all but one if We Breathe together