As far back as I can remember I have always had great existential questions that crossed my mind. First passionate about Egypt, the history of our ancient peoples: a deep desire in the soul to become an archaeologist was felt. And then having seen very young relatives leave, I did not understand what death was and what could be after, or even before birth ...

Spirituality came to me as obvious. So I began to research and accumulate a lot of knowledge. But the pain of the loss of these Beings did not end there. The separation from my parents was a very heavy ordeal for me because I stayed by the side of a broken mother. I then developed an important capacity for listening and empathy, which today makes me a very sensitive person. I have known anxieties and stress for a long time. Thanks to this I now know that it is possible to get better when you know which path to take. It gives me immense joy to have been there today to help my brothers and sisters to get through it and to persevere.
Teach them to surrender to Life, to the Divine. To let go of fears and doubts in order to realize their dreams, is particularly close to Heart. Hypnosis came to me as guidance and also because I found it mysterious. Today this great technique fascinates me and has slowly transformed into me over time. Because my knowledge has continued to evolve with my travels and my encounters. Now I am inducing energy healing at the same time as the hypnosis is operating. Each day I grow stronger from the experiences I share with the Beings who come my way and I have immense gratitude to each ONE of you who wishes to connect with me.

With all my love.