I'm Anaïs, I've been an osteopath for some time now and I've also trained in different types of massages and body care, in order to reinforce the complicity that exists in my hands and life.

I had the chance to travel around our dear motherland, which led me to discover other visions of life, other ways of apprehending care, to take another look at the wonders of nature and the world around us.

All this with the aim of extending my consciousness ever more in subtle planes and my understanding of my inner universe and the one around me.

For several years now, I have wanted to participate in the development of a new paradigm and the emancipation of a divine world.

One step at a time, thanks to you, thanks to us, it is possible.

I therefore make available my practice, my knowledge, my experiences, my benevolence at the service of your body and your soul.

My manual practice is gentle, intuitive, unique and uses different techniques to adapt to each one.

My discipline aims to understand the evils of the body in order to restore the delicate balance and harmony that define each Being in its entirety and integrity.

So I am waiting for you so that together we can rise to a better version of ourselves and our beautiful planet.

With all my love and gratitude.