Alana una

Facilitator - Medicine Woman


A long journey into the desert,

Since childhood, my questions have often focused on three topics.
The first was what was my mission here on earth?
The second was often, who am I?
And the third was, what is after death?
These questions guided me all the ways, and always.

I decided to move to the south of France and it was there that I met my first guide, who quickly took me under his wings.
He told me a lot about Australia and of course encouraged me to go on new adventures. It was all part of a very well orchestrated sequence of synchronicity by the flow of divine energy.
As a seeker of truths, therefore, I began to travel and meet many indigenous tribes, diverse cultures, spiritual masters in each country visited. After a great 5 year journey around the world, I reach the nucleus in my being which lights up.

Like an epiphany, I remember who I am. My life often reminds me of the book of the alchemist, the one who moves away from these roots, meets many very different people and then finds the happiness to reconnect with life and these hidden treasures buried deep within himself: in his heart. It was then that I reconnected with the Soul that embraces this body and the mission of life with many soul families on Earth.
In this lifetime, I choose the first name of ALANA which means spiritual awakening and UNA which comes to merge with my mission here on this Earth which means unity and expression of truth.

It is in Australia, on this Earth rich in solar energy, that I experience my spiritual awakening which brings me back to my original essence through the opening of my higher heart. Once the old memories were revealed, my chakras realigned and my dharma rediscovered, I set out in search of truth and freedom.

Great masters, teachers, guides direct me towards holistic treatments, and it is thanks to medicinal plants that I heal myself and remember my gifts and my divine knowledge. Through my personal experiences, I have been able to gain a great deal of knowledge about the various and varied healings that concern our innermost selves. Curious and passionate about nature, I am then in daily contact with plants, crystals, elements, animals, spirits. My instinct, my voice, my drum, my instruments, my breath, my presence are my main tools. I work in relation with my ancestors, my spiritual guides, my animal allies and my divinatory art.

I can then transmit clear messages, open doors and accompany you on the path of healing and self-quest.
In love and kindness, may your curiosity for life breathe new life into a bright future? I love working on this Earth, which welcomes us to the richness of these soils and the diversity of experiences to be offered through each place and each moment in love and sharing. To share in me these gifts, knowledge and loves for all who cross my path, I am here and now sovereign of the unique dream that we are weaving and co-creating together towards a better future. I suggest you contact me, if you need help, insight, support, a deeper understanding of your emotions, here to serve you on this path to awakening. If you vibrate with my words and feel the desire to delve deep into consciousness with confidence, please do not hesitate to reach out, my heart and my space will always be open.

Many blessings for all beings on Earth and beyond.
May the divine light illuminate your heart and help you radiate your love all around.