Spiral of ceremonies 

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"Life is a spiral of ceremonies"

A continuity of rituals, celebrations and events taking place at every moment to nudge us that we are consciousness, this is what our inner being reveals to us. When I speak here of ceremonies, I am referring to the fact that every moment is sacred including every being  inhabiting this Earth. 

Therefore, we owe it to ourselves to cultivate again our deepest respect for ourselves, so as to re-harmonize all our relationships. This is, therefore, my invitation, I want to encourage you to join me around a circle weaving compassion and love together. The purpose is to hold hands and breathe in deeply to connect with our inner peace that must impact the Earth and beyond.
My intention is to be clear as a quartz and transparent as a glass  for you to remember the power that sit in each of us: we are bountiful, we are beautiful, we are powerful, we are magical. 

We must REMEMBER where we come from and where we go to in order to unite our hearts and evolve together, as one tribe. 


Cacao Medicine: (max 30 pers)

99€ (only ceremony)

144€ (with warm cacao drink including)

Rapeh Medicine: (max 20 pers)

25€ for one class on ZOOM 

33€ by person for group session 

44€ for one private session

Counselling: (one on one session) 

33€ for 1h eye gazing session (soul healing) 

55€ for 2h with a specific intention 

66€ for 2h inner child hypnosis + past life 

111€ for half of the day trauma healing 

"Exploring dark caves 
Surrender to the mother 
And then spiralling up together"
Alana Una

Let’s spiral up together

Alana Una

Espartal Lote C4 - Postal 206

8670 -119 Aljezur 


+33 6 88 63 84 17

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