Annabelle Almayana

Therapist Holistique

When people ask me how I ended up doing what I do, I usually answer it’s the result of following my
intuition and the messages of my heart and body. It’s the gift I’ve managed to create for others from
my own spiritual, healing and self-development (forever ongoing) journey.
Having lots of abilities, being interested in many jobs but not knowing what to do, after completing
my studies in Belgium I flew out to Australia where I spent 15 months traveling, working, learning,
meeting new people, exploring new landscapes and discovering new habits. I had already spent one
year in the US after secondary school, which had definitely triggered my thirst for adventure and my
tendency to get out of my comfort zone. However, Australia was my very first big life-changing
experience as it became the land of my awakening in 2015. That year I also took part in my first yoga
and meditation retreat in New Zealand. That marked the beginning of my self-development journey.
From that moment, synchronicities started happening and the path kept opening, leading me to
more and more key people, learnings and healing.
In 2016 I left for 6 months to Latin America, where I spent most of my time in the jungle, including a
2-month medicinal plant diet in a Shipibo community which connected me even more to our Mother
Earth and opened up my sensitivity to a bigger extent. Back in Belgium, a Mental Coaching training
and still following my intuition I went for a short trip to India where I did an ayurvedic massage

training. Giving and receiving massage helped me connect to my body and find more grounding. Two
years later, in 2019 I went back to India to study meditation and kept traveling to Nepal where I
deepened my meditative and shamanic knowledge and practices.
All those years were much more than traveling around the world; it’s been a complete journey within
myself. Whether in Belgium or abroad, I’ve met amazing people who have helped me learn more and
more about myself and this human life and dive deeper and deeper in my healing and growing

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