Dim Jamma


"When the body relaxes, the Heart opens, and the mind relaxes, the Soul acts."

When I was little I dreamed of being an archaeologist, to discover the mysteries of the world. Today, after many travels and explorations, some of these mysteries have been revealed to me through the therapeutic potential of Sound. My potential is to create a Sacred Space within and around you, allowing your Body, Heart and Spirit to work and (re) generate what is needed, at its own pace. My tools are mainly Singing Bowls, Gongs, Harmonic Singing, Didjeridoo.

I find myself at the crossroads of the two main streams of my family, with a decidedly musician background for generations on one side, and a scientist on the other. The first instrument that I learned to play from childhood is the Trumpet, and before dedicating myself to sound therapy I played a lot of Jazz, Trip Hop, Reggae.

It was in 2012 that I discovered my first Singing Bowl, and it changed my life, and my vision of the World, because it made me aware of the Body, the Energy, the Subtle within the reach of the Vibration on our being, on our cells, our soul, and how it can also calm the Spirit.

Five years later, after having created a well-being center in Mayotte where I lived for several years (Indian Ocean) I quit my job as a music teacher to go learn from masters in Europe and Asia (India / Nepal ).

At the same time, I discover meditation and devote myself very seriously to the teachings of the Buddha while practicing rigorously. I then walk on the Shamanic Path by which I receive teachings through plants ... teachings of which I still have not finished going through all the gems.

In 2019, I moved to Digne les Bains, where I opened “l'Encens Bleu” (- Ensemble -), a space dedicated to the Arts of Well-being, with the main activity of Sound Massages, Sound Trips and Gong & Didgeridoo baths.

I am a researcher and a sound explorer, at the crossroads between the musical expression of the state of ultimate relaxation (bliss), and scientific research in the field of Sound and Vibration. But above all, I am in Service, in the service of Sound, the oldest medicine of the future for which I will share my passion with you, always with dedication.

“Jamma” means “to gather” in Arabic. This name was whispered to me along my journey and it wasn't until much later that I learned its meaning.

The Sound Journey: An interior and vibratory journey. A Reconnection to Self and to the Subtle at the speed of Sound and Consciousness .... A soundscape, a deep meditation guided by the sounds of sacred instruments, inducing a modified state of consciousness conducive to Exploration. ~ In festival, Yoga center, or in your garden or living room, or online via ZOOM ~

The Singing Bowls Sound massage: A dressed massage, where the Singing Bowls are placed at different points of the body, and gently resonated with a mallet. The vibrations of the bowls are propagated in the whole body, Massaging your being in depth with many benefits. A ~ Only possible in individual and face-to-face sessions by appointment ~

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