Aiyanna Maste

Transmitter - Reiki Energetician

When I was a kid I had big questions with my nose in the air staring at the stars in
trying to find out what was on the other side. I've always been a girl, targeted.
In my childhood, I have long been seen as the "different", the black sheep of the family, because I
thought, reacted and acted differently. At 16, the sudden departure of my father marked the beginning of a
great journey towards my Divine Being. I train in Reiki and start to offer care.

In May 2014, an intense desire for independence arose, a need to stand on my own
wings, I'm 22, grab my backpack, put my shoes on and go on an adventure, to the other end of the
world: in Australia.

My trip to Australia lasted 6 years in total. Australia saw me grow up as a woman,
healer and traveler. I discovered there, shamanism, tantra, energies, development
personal and I discover my mission in this world, to offer people who call on me, my
care and guidance in the service of living things. Spread light and sweetness, joy and love in the
world. My mission is to guide human beings in the search for their essence.
Healer, I will accompanies in your inner journey thanks to my guidance and my energy treatments
reiki. I help you relax, release your emotional knots, give yourself time to
pause, a time for oneself. Together we walk side by side towards your inner magic.