The pillars of our project : 

is needed to respect everyone space and to have healthy boundaries, to recognize that everyone has the free will to decide which path they will take for the highest good of their evolution. This also includes the freedom to learn, grow, expand in a new simplistic way.

is the infinite truth in us and all around us, it is the energy flowing, offering at each meeting, to connect deeply with each other, to recognise the potential in everyone, and to find out who we are, our purpose and reconnect with our true essence.

is essential for everyone involved in the unified field so we can collectively, communicate openly about our needs, our possible income to ensure all energetical exchanges or money involve to be balanced.

is required to build a safe space where everyone can feel the support, so they can let go with ease, connect deeply with all that exist, and feel supported in many ways.

DONATION is the way to provide a safe clear space to live in harmony with Abundance & Money

All of our workshops, treatments and retreats are proposed through a clear system of conscious exchange OR conscious donation. Possibilities are infinitely adaptable to all, based on clear & transparent communication between the facilitator and yourself. Everyone can be transparent with their income: "PAY AS YOUR HEART FEEL" is our guidance. We are offering a safe space, where everyone can express their needs and open to receive & give in harmonious way. Everything is coming from honest, authentic space and it is this fresh movement that fills us with love. It is here and now that we are co-creating: 
A new World.


Feel in the trust


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